Wildlife List

Legend   p =  Photographed M = male     F = female
o = Observed J = juvenile or young
          Total Count =  25    
Animal Name ? M F J Location 1st Seen 1st Seen Date 1st Photo Date
Mule Deer p Burlington, WA 30-Apr-14 30-Apr-14 25
Weasel p L'Amable 7-Aug-13 7-Aug-13 24
Coyote o Brant 3-Jan-13 23
Opossum o Brant 2-Oct-12 22
Striped Skunk o Brantford 12-Sep-12 21
Deer Mouse o L'Amable 20-Jul-12 20
American Beaver p L'Amable 20-Jul-12 25-Sep-12 19
Common Racoon p o Brant 6-Jul-12 4-Nov-12 18
Red Fox o p p Lynden 9-Jun-12 27-Jun-12 17
Brown Bat p L'Amable 1-Aug-11 1-Aug-11 16
American Red Squirrel p Bancroft 1-Aug-11 1-Aug-11 15
Eastern Gray Squirrel p Valley Inn Trail, Burlington 12-Mar-12 12-Mar-12 14
Eastern Cottontail p St. George 15-Jul-11 15-Jun-11 13
Eastern Chipmunk p St. George 30-May-11 30-May-11 12
American Alligator p Myrtle Beach 15-Mar-11 15-Mar-11 11
Bottlenose Dolphin p Myrtle Beach 15-Mar-11 15-Mar-11 10
Common Muskrat p Henrdrie Valley, Burlington 19-Feb-11 19-Feb-11 9
Northern Flying Squirrel o L'Amable 1-Oct-10 1-Oct-10 8
White Tailed Deer   p p p St. George 26-Dec-10 26-Dec-10 7
River Otter o Kitchener Feb-08 6
Humpback Whale o Tofino, BC Sep-08 5
Moose o Osnaburgh Aug-96 4
Black Bear p Sioux Lookout Jul-96 3
American Martin p Muskrat Dam First Nation Jul-96 2
Ground Hog o Kitchener Jul-96 1


  1. Brian,... great list of Wildlife. You should get a butterfly life list started... just sayin' :-)

    1. :) Hmm... maybe I'll save that till life settles down a bit. I'm hardly doing any birding these days, never mind butterflies. ;) Life is busy... but full!


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