Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Compressed Post

No, I did not migrate early and disappear, but I've no hardly bird watched, done any blogging, or much else for that matter in he last couple months. That isn't completely true, but my life has become quite busy and unfortunately a bit unsettled at work in the last few months. We're in a re-building stage at the moment and that means more of my time, focus and energy has had to be directed there. I'm hoping it will only be for a season (both metaphorically speaking and literally).

This summer I had the fun of bumping into a family of House Wrens around our place during late summer.  They've nested somewhere nearby and I kept hearing their scolding call, primarily in the evenings, and in our hedge and in the church gardens behind us.  I finally got found the fledglings in the gardens one afternoon and got a few pictures.

Fledgling House Wren

Adult House Wren keeping close eye on me.

Fledgling House Wren

While visiting a great older couple in our church for supper one night, I also got a few minute to take a few low light pictures in the evening light of some of the residents of the many bird houses they have around their property... again House Wrens.  These young ones were not as old as they had not fledged yet.

House Wren with food.

Perturbed House Wren

It finally trusted me and fed its young.

One Sunday afternoon I quickly called my brother after church and we met for a walk at Sudden Tract trail.  We saw pretty much nothing there.  It was strangely quiet except or the many many mosquitoes - we were glad for a very generous couple who actually just gave us their bottle of repellent as they left.  We were not far from Grass Lake and decided to stop there.  Glad we did as someone else alerted us to a pair of Sandhill Cranes feeding in a nearby field with a mature colt.  We were able to walk into the soy bean field and get very close for some pictures.  We were surprised at how tolerant they were of us!

Sandhill Crane family

brother Dan.
Sandhill Crane colt in the soy beans.

adult Sandhill Crane checking me out.
Sandhill Crane colt.

Eye nicitating membrane - translation: protective eye membrane.

Sandhill Crane profile shot.

While working around the yard at home some time later, a young/small Mourning Dove flew and crash landed in the front yard.  I really have no idea where it came from, nor the circumstances, it was not acting normally.  Any approach was met with a delayed and very short, incomplete flights with the same ungraceful crash landing.  It seemed strange given its size and fully feathered condition - it didn't seem like a recent fledgling just learning to fly.  It was trembling and twitching quite uncontrollably though.  I finally picked it up and it perched wobbly on my hand for a while.

Mourning Dove

It eventually did fly away with a lot of encouragement and a few more botched departures.

Well, that catches me up for all but my annual Lodge vacation post which I hope to get to some time - don't hold your breath though! I believe I've used that phrase a number of times in this blog, with greater frequency lately!  Oh well, a time and season for everything.

Till next time...
Keep enjoying HIS handiwork.

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