Tuesday, August 12, 2014

European Starlings

Back on Father's Day (Yes, way back then!) we went to Holly's parents to be with them for the day.  It was a beautiful day with typical early summer weather - seems we've pretty been receiving the same weather pattern ever since, save a few hotter days here and there.

young European Starlings being fed.

At some point I was out watching the kids ride around in the court beside my in-law's house and happened to noticed two little head's just in the shadow of a knot hole in a tree right beside the road.  I waited a bit, and despite the heavy kid traffic of bikes, scooters, and go-karts right below, a parent soon arrived and two young starlings rivaled the noise of the kids demanding to be fed first.

Quiet down there kids!

You've had enough, now quiet down!

European Starlings have likely replaced the Passenger Pigeon as one of the most numerous birds on the North American continent.  Passenger Pigeons used to be by far the most numerous but are now extinct. Some might wish for the same plight of this bird such as farmers whose crops can be devoured by the huge flocks of Starlings.

Little remnants of baby fuzz left.

An interesting fact I found on the Cornell Bird Site is that the entire NA population of these birds comes from 100 birds that were let go in New York in the early 1890's. Apparently someone thought that we explorers should benefit from all the birds Shakespeare had mentioned.  Hmmm...

And to end off this Father's post, a very belated note of thanks for my Dad.  Don't fear, I did thank him that day, but belated in relation to this blog post.  I'm thankful God has blessed me with a great Dad. One thing that comes to mind at the moment is his example of diligence and patient persistence at his job of 41 years (and counting... did I get the time right Dad?).  That's an accomplishment!  Thanks for bein' my dad Dad!

And while I'm on the topic, I'm thankful for my Father-in-law too (we were at their place!). :)  Seriously though, I think back to a few months ago when I was asked to attend an optional work function of a client of mine who really wanted me to come.  I declined, letting them know that my in-laws were over for supper that night.  I was quickly reminded this would be a perfect opportunity to skip out... after all he couldn't stand his in-laws and would jump at the opportunity. It made me realize I have a lot to be thankful for as my in-laws are great and I deeply appreciate them too.  I definitely was home that night.

Till next time,
Keep enjoying HIS handiwork!

P.S. I must note that one of my dear sister-in-laws (who I don't half mind either) pointed out that day, that I had spent more time taking pictures of these birds than I had spent with the family, or even the Father-in-law, it being Father's Day and all.  I prefer to think her sense of time is slightly off. :)

My brother-in-law reminded me of this photo during our vacation this week... I had forgotten to share it with you. ;)  I should have taken a picture of the ground below the tree... what a mess.

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