Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunday Evening at Grass Lake

A warm Sunday evening... sounds nice, especially talking about it as we approach the cooler weather of fall.  Fall is actually my favourite season, but warm summer nights are great too.

With a reasonable amount of light left in a July night, I headed to Grass Lake for an evening outing.  I've only ever been there between services on Sundays and was very interested to see what the lighting and creature activity would be like at that hour.  I met a couple who have been driving there many a Sunday evening, setting out their lawn chairs, and with their backs to the sun enjoying the scene and sounds .  I can see why they say they have missed few weekly evening visits.

There wasn't really any activity at the water, so I headed up the road to the grassy field and saw this Savannah Sparrow nicely lit in the evening light.

Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrow

Heading back towards the lake, a pair of Eastern Kingbirds were patrolling the warm evening air busily catching the many insects that were circling higher up in the sky.  The Kingbirds were efficiently launching from one tree which had a dead portion and with repeated success capturing what seemed like large flying beetles or something similar.

Eastern Kingbird pair

Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird
Eastern Kingbird

Eastern Kingbird with dragonfly catch.

Eastern Kingbird pair in the orange glow of evening sunlight.

I was able to get quite close to the pair as they kept returning to the same tree.  A section of dead branches reached to the evening sky, while the healthy portion of the tree below apparently was host to new life.  I guess after a while they trusted me and betrayed the location of their nest that until then, unaware to me was right ahead.  That was a nice surprise.  With the fading light, I was able to get a few pictures with my ISO setting maxed out as far as I dared and shutter speed set low enough to make me hope my hands would hold steady.  The nest was up high enough that I wished I could gain a couple feet of better viewing angle.  I realized my sunroof might let me stand in the car and get a better view.  I backed up the car, leaving a comfortable distance and popped up through the car roof.  Soon a realized with socked feet, it would be even better just standing on the roof.

Eastern Kingbird chicks

Eastern Kingbird chicks hear a parent approaching.

Eastern Kingbird chicks being fed.
While I was photographing the Kingbirds, I heard the consistent flapping of wings across the roadway.  Looking over I saw three Mourning Doves a top of the fence and one was constantly "pestering" one or the other.  Being so late in the summer, I'm not sure if they would still be courting for another brood anymore?  They do have a number of broods a summer, so I guess it is possible.

Mourning Doves

As the sun set to the west, the moon was rising in the south and I quickly captured the overlap of the birds and the second light that was created to shine on this world.

Eastern Kingbird against the rising moon.

Eastern Kingbird silhouetted against the moon.

As I drove home for the night, a glance over the field yielded my eye just catching sight of someone eying me as I drove by.

White-tailed Deer

White-tailed Deer
White-tailed Deer

Till next summer arrives, we'll enjoy the crisp temperatures, beautiful colours, and crunching sounds of fall.

Keep enjoying HIS handiwork!

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  1. Great posting Brian. Love the shot with the moon framing the kingbird!


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