Monday, May 20, 2013

Horned Grebes in Grimsby

A couple weekends ago Holly and I left the kids with Opa and Oma so we could attend a conference.  We slept over there as well and I snuck out for an hour to visit the shores of Lake Ontario early in the morning.  The sun was rising, the temperature was beautiful, and the water was relatively calm.  There were lots of Mergansers out on the water, and as I approached, most of them made a hasty retreat for deeper waters.  One pair lingered long enough for me to get a half decent family picture.

Red-breasted Merganser pair

As I was snapping away at the Mergansers, up popped another bird quite close by.  From the familiar profile I was pretty sure right away that it was a Grebe, but was quite excited to see that it was a Horned Grebe when I got the camera up on it!! (life bird #121)

Horned Grebe surprise

male Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe dive.

I followed the Grebe west as it dove and resurfaced, but once I reached a point that became the beginning of a small bay, I ended my pursuit as my distance increased from the bird.  As I walked back, I caught sight of a rabbit hiding in the brambles and underbrush

Eastern Cottontail

Not much further along, a Song Sparrow was heartily welcoming the morning sun with its chattery song.

Song Sparrow

Not far back into my return along the water edge, I spotted the familiar profile again and wondered if the Grebe had flown back to try another run along the dive path it had taken previously, but a quick shoulder check dispelled that notion.  And then up popped another right by its side, a female.  Three Grebes in one morning, and a pair to boot!!

Horned Grebe pair.

Horned Grebe pair.

Interestingly, Horned Grebes more often than not, prefer to nest on a floating surface.  They will nest on land, but prefer an isolated, floating nest which is built on top of, and tied into vegetation that anchors it in place.

Keep enjoying HIS handiwork!


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  1. I am finally catching up on my blog reading and I see you have been busy with your new lens! You are getting some amazing shots! A couple posts ago you had a little sermon at the end and I couldn't agree more that birds show God's handiwork :) Happy birding!!


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