Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Binos

Just a quick post to say a big thanks! to my Mom and Dad for my recent b-day binoculars.  After reviewing the Canadian Tire flyer one day, I guess I had remarked to Holly that there were some nice binoculars on a really good half price sale.  But, I was going to be content with the $8 pair I had bought earlier in the year with the boys.  Both the boys and I had all bought an inexpensive pair of binoculars which CT had had on a crazy sale.  I ended up not really using them because, well... really didn't work very well.

new Bushnell binoculars beside the old Tasco

I guess a little birdie told my parents my comment, because I had not passed on any suggestions to anyone.  The new binoculars are a a huge improvement. They're Bushnell's Banner model.  Aside from the obvious difference in quality, one big difference is the size of the optics. The old ones were 10 x 25mm (10x power, and 25mm diameter lenses). The new ones are also 10x power, but 42mm diameter lenses.  The old ones felt like I was looking down big straws and only the centre of the view was really ever clearly in focus. They're significantly larger, but worth that inconvenience given I can actually see through them.  So, thanks very much Dad and Mom.  I'm enjoying them!


  1. So glad it's a rewarding change. Thanks to Holly for supplying us the exact stock # :)
    Just don't set them down on the ground... with that camo paint job, they'll be lost!

  2. Awesome Brian. I have had the 10x42 Bushnell Sportsman Binos, that are basically the same, but black, not camo. Love them!

  3. Happy belated birthday Brian!!! Now you will spot even more birds :)


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