Sunday, September 2, 2012

Shots from the Lodge Part 4

I'm afraid I lied... Well, not really, but I said Part 3 was the last post from the Lodge.  Only thing is, I forgot a picture in my last post... of a new bird no less.  I saw this one just before the Swamp Sparrow the evening I did the slow turn around Lily Lake. Along with a few other similar birds, it was quite a ways off, darting amongst the snags of dead cedars that border the lake.  The birds would flutter out from their perches, likely catching bugs mid-air, and then fly on to a perch of another dead branch.  The picture below is very closely cropped and even with some help from Picasa in the sharpening department (thus the additional graininess), I was still not completely sure of what it was.

So, I sent the picture off to Dwayne, another birder with much more experience.  He also has a blog, interestingly named Nerdy for Birdy.  Although Dwayne has more birding years and many more birds under his belt than I do, I appreciate his down to earth blog style, and it's one of my favourite to follow.

Eastern Phoebe in dead Cedar tree
(very closely cropped shot!)

So... based on the habitat and behaviour of the bird, and Dwayne's ID help, I'm pretty sure the bird is an Eastern Phoebe and it joined the list as life bird #93.  After the help I had gotten from Dwayne (thanks!), I felt bad I had somehow missed it in my last post, so I had to add "Part 4" to the Lodge series.

My next post ... butterflies from a spot near to home....


  1. Brian, Congrats on #93! It will be an exciting milestone when you hit 100! Thanks also for the kind words and mention about the blog. My pleasure to help out with the ID. Keep up the great work! Dwayne


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