Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Missed Pictures

With no camera, I have had no pictures to post and no real reason for a blog post.  With no new pictures to review, I looked through my old shots and found a few I had missed and can share.  Actually, I noticed there was one complete day back in March that I had downloaded at work and forgot to bring home.

I had gone to Valley Inn Road during that unseasonably warm March break week we enjoyed.  Warmer weather than we are having right now in fact, if I remember correctly.  Though I must say, this past weekend were two perfect spring days!

In one location on the trail from Valley Inn towards Hendrie Valley the leaves were being russled by a whole lot of Garter Snakes.  They were all headed down from the hill beside the trail, crossing the broken pavement, and headed down the next bank towards the waters of the Grindstone Creek.

Common Garter Snake

An Eastern Chipmunk was busy filling its cheeks with seeds left for the birds by the many walkers and bird watchers.

Eastern Chipmunk filling its pouches.

On my way back, a Northern Cardinal was singing it's unique tune in it's characteristic location - at the highest point in a tree. I thought I'd try and take a picture from a non-typical view - straight up!

Northern Cardinal - always at the top.

This little Song Sparrow was so lustfully and busily singing, it let me approach quite close.  It is also a life bird - number 76.  I'm just noticing that I didn't include it in list since I hadn't done anything with those pictures.  That brings my life list bird count up to 79.

Song Sparrow

Back at Grass Lake about a month ago, I was heading home, likely later than I intended to be.... why is it that the last 10 minutes before when you know you should be leaving, always end up being about 15 or 20 minutes by the time you look at your watch again?  Anyway, I was rushing home, but saw these Eastern Meadowlarks out in the antenna field across from Grass Lake and had to briefly stop.

Eastern Meadowlark
There was a stiff breeze, and they were hopscotching each other.  The bird in the rear would fly into the wind, then float in the breeze above the other, and then touch down slightly ahead.  This was then repeated by the bird just left behind, and then again.  I couldn't find anything on the net describing this, but wonder if this is a courting ritual of some sort?  Or they were just enjoying the warm day and it was something to do in the wind.

Eastern Meadowlark pair courting?

News on the camera front... Apparently the Tsunami is still having its affects - no parts to repair my camera's stuck shutter. Henry's will either replace with another A33 or replace it with a comparable model.  If the latter is the case, I've been told that they believe that will be an A57.  From what I've read, that would be an excellent "compromise"!!  There are a number of improvements which will be welcome.  I'll not get into them now as I'm trying to keep my hopes up on that possibility.  Henry's system shows one A33 in stock in the warehouse and has been ordered. They were not certain if that would in fact be an accurate number as they aren't a current model any more. We'll find out in a day or so.

So, a few more days of patience, any maybe I can catch a few of the exciting picture opportunities around here still: hatched Bald Eagles in Brantford, the Sandhill Crane family with their colt which I saw on Sunday.  I met my brother Dan along with all our boys, and Peter Scholtens and family also arrived to see the Cranes.  I'm glad Caleb could get some shots - hope to see some of them on his family's blog (Hint, hint!)

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  1. Great shots and congrats on the Song Sparrow :)


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