Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nesting Sandhill Crane

Where did spring go?  Snow recently?  I guess we are actually experiencing spring now, and summer is back in it's regular place after spring!  Looks like warmer weather is coming though.

Sorry for the delay on the nesting Sandhill Crane shots I promised a while ago.  Though I doubt anyone was  changing any part of their life with the holdup on this post.  I've been under the weather lately with a cold/flu that just doesn't seem to want to leave!

This post is going to be sparser than usual on the words and I'll just let the pictures do the talking... I'm off to bed earlier these days trying to get rid of this bug which just seems to suck the energy out of me!  I hear there are a lot of people struggling with similar, nasty bugs too.

This was the first sight I saw as I returned to try and find the nest Dan found after I had left last time.  I was in the wrong spot, but enjoyed a bit of a closer view as this crane perused the grass for small crustations and insects to eat.  It slowly wandered to the south into the leafless bushes out of sight.

Sandhill Crane
Turns out it was headed over to the nest site, where it later "hovered" in the background keeping an eye on us.  It didn't seem distressed or concerned, but quietly kept us under surveillance.

Sandhill Crane patrol.
Dan arrived a bit later and pointed me to the correct location of the nest.

Grass Lake and the hills beyond.
The golden, afternoon sun nicely lit the bid bird on the nest.  Budding leaves from the trees behind us on the bank will soon block out this desirable lighting.

Sandhill Crane nesting.
Just as we were going to leave, it stood up, giving view to two large eggs which will hatch after about 30 days of incubation.

Sandhill Crane turning the eggs.

Thanks again to my brother Dan for finding the nest!


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