Thursday, February 2, 2012

Long-tailed Duck

I have had no time for any birding at all in a long time... my dear wife is suffering through her very rough pregnancy leaving me to pretend to be a mom before and after work. I tell you, you sure notice how much your wife does when she's down and out for weeks on end. I'm not going to pretend I'm even keeping up the standard she does, and I'm getting lots of help from great friends at our church with the kids and meals.  I don't say it often enough - Thanks for all you normally do to keep this house running and raising our kids dear!!

Long-tailed Duck
I had to go to Spencer Smith Park in Burlington to review the park grounds and take pictures for a proposal I'm working on with others from our firm.  While walking around to take shots of the grading, drainage and the promenades there, I saw the usual Canadian Geese and some Mute Swans, but also a number of Long-tailed Ducks.  This is a new bird for me, and not common in Southern Ontario as it's an arctic bird.  It's an attractive bird and also has a very distinct call, which as far as I know, is unusual for waterfowl which don't usually have much more than a single note or sound.  Here is a link to what they sound like.

Correction - The Long-tailed Duck seems to have grown to very large wintering numbers in this area since the zebra mussel's appearance in the Great Lakes.  The range maps I looked at online are either out of date or... well, I'm not sure.  I've looked at some more and now see their range extends below the lakes and into NE USA. Thanks to those who emailed or commented to put me straight. ;)

Male and Female Long-tailed Duck

This seagull is losing it's juvenile stage and decided to put on a show for me while I was taking pictures of the lower promenade.  I had the point and shoot camera from work but got some decent pictures still.

Ring-billed Gull

Till next time... :)


  1. Very nice Brian . Come down to the Niagara River and you will see long-tailed ducks by the hundred

  2. Those ducks are beautiful! I love the gull too :). They are my favourite bird to photograph:)


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