Friday, June 10, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Have you ever been places a number of times before, and then come to that place with a camera, and suddenly see that there are lots of things you didn't notice before?  I've discovered there are lots of different birds in Bayfront Park, not far from where I work.  Some are common, but a close up makes capturing them fun.

The Eastern Kingbird is a flycatcher, somewhere between a sparrow and a robin in size.  It catches insects in the air, darting after them with quick movements.  You will also see them picking bugs off trees branches and leaves - darting through and along branches to catch them for lunch.  They often like to perch in branches of dead trees.  I never really noticed them before, thinking they were swallows.  The white tip of the flat tail is the key to setting them apart.

Eastern Kingbird

The all too common Canada Goose...

Canada Goose - going for a snooze

Canada Goose - head shot

This baby Red-winged Blackbird is flying about already.  They look like an old man with big fuzzy eye brows.

Red-winged Blackbird Fledgling
Female Red-winged Blackbird

Another familiar sight, but a nicer setting than around the backyard.

Mourning Dove on thistle teasels

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