Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Other Squab

The second Mourning Dove hatched today, and now there are two little dusty yellow ones in the very sparse nest.  

Both little white eggs have hatched
Not much comfort here, only some small sticks to rest on.  There isn't a bit of comfort added to this nest in the way of down, feathers, or grass.  I'm not sure if they nest in the same place (up to six broods per summer) or whether they make new nests every time - that might explain the sparse nest then.

The one which hatched today is on the left - it's smaller.

Each time I go up, the Mourning Dove does its false, desperate flight into branches, fluttering to the ground, and then flaps along the grass feigning injury to have me follow it away from the nest.  It's similar to what killdeer do, but with much less determination, persistence, and noise.

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