Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Closer?

Sometimes, you just can't get close enough to what you would like to get a nice shot of... chipmunk in the backyard is too timid and too quick (not the provincial park variation!).  Too bad, wish I could get closer....
Eastern Chipmunk - at a distance

Be careful what you wish for.   About an hour later, our cat did what cat's do, and proudly bring home their catch.  We have a cat door on the screen door.  Asher (cat) brought home a chipmunk - can't say if it was the same one.
This adds to the list of mice, birds, baby rabbits he's brought as trophies to us.  Of course, these are never dead, and he thinks it's great to let them loose in the house to show off and chase for a while.
Well, along the wall and up the screen on the window the chipmunk went.  Thankfully it stayed on the window screen and I was able to put a container over it and slide in some cardboard.  Nice close up opportunity for the kids.

The boys think it's great!

Maƫlle is not too sure about it.
I let it go, and it was a little frazzled from the ordeal.  It lay there, so I thought I might as well, get some close-ups - the ones I had hoped for earlier -  before it ran away.  Well, unfortunately, Asher had no intention of the last part, and came round again, and well... the last picture tells the story.

Eastern Chipmunk

Sorry chipmunk!

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  1. awwh, thats kind of sad! good picture to remember him by, though, of him in his last moments. :)


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