Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reader Feedback Poll

Well, it's been exactly 8 months since I started this little blog, sharing the moments when I have some excitement in enjoying the wildlife around where I live and work.  I find it interesting that people have been following these posts and hopefully enjoy my little narratives.

Actually, I'm curious as to what happens when you pop onto the blog from time to time... are people interested in just looking a the pictures briefly, am I just boring people with my ramblings?  I've set up a little poll on the right side bar which you can fill in if you care to. (You can click all the options that apply.)  I'm not intending to change my habits based on the results, but was just curious to see what people are actually getting out of the blog.

Don't worry... it's anonymous!

Feel free to leave a comment if you feel you need to get more off your chest than the poll answers provide. :)


  1. Brian, you have a fine blog! I wouldn't change a thing! :^)

  2. I hope it doesn't appear I was fishing for compliments... but thanks for the compliment Dwayne. And I noticed I made it onto your list of blogs you follow - I feel honoured! Looking forward to your next post... It's been a while!


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