Saturday, February 18, 2012

On Thin Ice

Continued from my last post, here are some pictures I took of the Mallard Ducks and Trumpeter Swans which were walking across the ice or perched on one leg, sleeping with their heads tucked under a wing.

The Trumpeter Swans moving over the ice to a small patch of open water were somewhat comical.  Because the ice was slippery, they were moving with a cautious, stiff legged gait, even more awkward then the usual, unnatural walk that waterfowl have on land.  They were obviously built to fly or swim.  You can see in the background of the picture below, many sets of webbed footprints from when the ice was recently softer.

Awkward trek of Trumpeter Swans across the ice.

Shy Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swan with "angel wings"

Mallard Drake on what remains of the ice
at Bayfront Park

Male and Female Mallard Ducks

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