Friday, November 18, 2011

Wildlife Photography Locations Google Map

I've often wondered where "everyone else" finds the wildlife they enjoy watching and/or photographing.  Slowly I've found some spots myself, but for some, other photographers I've bumped into have shared a good location.  I've tried many Google searches to see if I could find references to good locations, but not found much.  And many are locations listed by birders who are using scopes, far out of the range of my meager 300mm lens.  I've not been to a lot of locations, but I've found a few that have been "productive" and it made me think that there may be others in my shoes that would benefit from me sharing where I've been.

So, I've created a new page on my blog with a Google Maps map to list these hot or not-so-hot spots to share.  As I discover new locations, I'll add them to the list with a general comment about how it ranks, and what I've seen there.

Here's the map...
Wildlife Photography Locations Map

View My Picture Taking Spots in a larger map

Feel free to comment and share if you have found a good location with the Hamilton, Brant County area that you know of or have been to.  Just note, I'll likely hold off putting them on the map till I've been there and checked them out myself. :)

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