Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Older Photos

I was going through some of my old photos and doing some house keeping.  I found a few photos from previous trips to Bayfront Park that I hadn't posted and thought I'd share them.  I haven't done much of getting out to photograph anything of late.  Life is quite busy at the moment!

Mute Swan taking off.
I enjoy watching terns make their hunting circuits over the water.  There is something about how they fly that I like.  Their wing strokes are different from gulls, more definite and crisp with a kind of movement that somehow brings the word "lilt" to mind.  It seems so effortless, and you can see them sure ahead with every stroke.  They like to set up a number of  loops which they patrol a few times, and switching between them periodically.  When a small fish is seen close enough to the surface, they tuck and plummet into the water to pursue the prey.

Common Tern looking for lunch.

Common Tern - seeing something?

Common Tern

This ring-billed gull caught lunch too.  Although we're more used to them as scavengers of what they can find at the park and beach, gulls will catch fish from the water as well.

Ring-billed Gull with fish.

Hopefully I can get out sometime again soon with some more recently taken pictures.

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